Wrapping Up a Year of Technology Advances

Posted by Samhita Shah on Dec 28, 2015 12:39:18 PM RSS Share Post

It continues to be a tough climate for oil and gas.  Crude prices hover at six-year lows, wells are being shut in and rigs retired, but it has also been a time when forward-thinking players regroup and build strength and capacity for the inevitable economic upswing.  At Paradigm, that’s what we’ve been about this past year – investing in our customer relationships and ensuring the delivery of top-notch products with top-quality service.

We have gone about that in several ways: 

  • Continuing our commitment to making advanced features more accessible in Paradigm 15 and upcoming 15.5 releases.
  • Raising the industry bar with the quality of every release.
  • Putting more resources into customer-facing roles to ensure that customers receive the best service and obtain the most value from our software.

Perhaps most of all, we’ve poured our time and energy into R&D and quality assurance, and worked hard to extend our technical leadership in each of our business domains.  Our goal is that for the duration of industry downturn and especially when business picks up, our customers are in the best possible position to gain competitive advantage using our latest technology to bring about heightened productivity, operational efficiency and drilling accuracy. 

Here are the highlights of those efforts for 2015:

Paradigm 15

Paradigm 15 enhances productivity through an integrated high-definition G&G platform, advanced interdisciplinary workflows, and expanded third-party data interoperability. It features technologies that help customers develop the most productive targets first, drill fewer but better wells, and minimize non-productive time.

Designed for cost optimization, Paradigm 15 enables higher productivity through:

  • An industry-first high-definition G&G platform
  • Advanced interdisciplinary workflows, including new Quantitative Seismic Interpretation packages and model building based on integration between SKUA-GOCAD and GeoDepth®
  • An expansion of Paradigm’s connectivity solutions enabling customers to run our solutions on top of other G&G software
Geolog 7.4

Geolog® 7.4 offers a rich set of new engineering functionalities that expand the product’s reach into additional phases of the production cycle. It also extends third-party connectivity, including support for Petrel 2015.

This release also enhances the solution for engineers by offering tools to enable an independent assessment of well integrity and new well schematics and production logging tools.  In addition, a new, full-functioned geomechanics module includes a comprehensive series of calculations and interactive tools.

Paradigm App Exchange

Paradigm App Exchange is a new offering aimed at encouraging collaboration between members of the Paradigm user community by sharing customer-developed customization. Users are invited to submit and download Apps, and share their developments with peers while benefiting from the innovations of others.

Stay tuned for Paradigm 15.5!

And there’s more to come.  Very soon we will be launching Paradigm 15.5, a comprehensive solution suite that extends the performance gains established in Paradigm 15.

The new release improves productivity through more automation, tighter product integration, and heightened connectivity.  Specifically it features:

  • Interdisciplinary workflows in HD
  • Expanded connectivity to third-party applications

Adopters of Paradigm 15.5 can expect many added benefits from the new release, including:

  • ROI optimization
  • Update of the Paradigm Quantitative Seismic Interpretation solution with a new Wedge Modeling application.
  • New processing and imaging capabilities.
  • The latest version of the Geolog formation evaluation suite, which expands the solution’s reach into the engineering domain and also offers a new geomechanics module.
  • Additional efficiency enhancements including new and expanded interdisciplinary workflows.

It’s our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers, and welcome to Paradigm for all our prospective new users.  We look forward to working with you in 2016, and wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

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