Virtual Lecture about Handling a Highly Complex Geologic Environment Offered on Oct. 27

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Paradigm Virtual Lecture Series-Season 2





On October 27 a presentation on “Handling a Highly Complex Geologic Environment: Challenge Your Reservoir Modeling Technology” will be available online as part of the second season of the 2015 Virtual Lecture Series.

In this video by Melanie Morin, Technical Sales Advisor at Paradigm, will help you learn about advanced geoscience solutions that can help you minimize risk and maximize production, for more cost-effective drilling.  

Building an accurate reservoir model that honors structural and geological complexities is a key factor in reliable reserves estimates and flow prediction.  Many plays are now located in challenging geological environments, such as highly compressive environments with a high variability of structure geometries, complex thrust faults and overturned structures. The geoscientist’s understanding of the reservoir has to be drastically simplified to accommodate limitations in the modeling technology, leading to non-predictive models and affecting subsequent key business decisions.

This presentation will demonstrate how SKUA-GOCAD, Paradigm modeling solution, allows the user to capture and preserve complex geology and compartmentalization, all the way to flow simulation, for more accurate volumes and predictive production forecasts. In this webcast, Melanie will use an example of a highly compressive environment in the Andean foothills.

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