Virtual Lecture Series 2016 - Season 2: Maximize the Efficiency of your 2D Reprocessing

Posted by Samhita Shah on Aug 23, 2016 11:21:19 AM RSS Share Post

Today's lecture by Kashif Shaukat, Paradigm Technical Sales Advisor, covered the topic of how to maximize the efficiency of your 2D reprocessing and get the best results, fast. 2D processing and imaging are the most cost-effective way to study the subsurface in terms of structural geology and reservoir properties. However, since a single 2D line only provides limited information, multiple 2D lines are acquired across the area.

Paradigm continues to strengthen its 2D processing and imaging solutions by rejuvenating 2D tomography and introducing a new multi-line batch process. Now geoscientists can efficiently update velocity models by using Paradigm's modern and easy-to-use tomography engine on multiple 2D lines in a single run. In addition, by increasing efficiency through multi-line batch processing, Paradigm provides geoscientists with full 3D visualization advantages from 2D data, thus enhancing the power of QC workflows. This presentation featured Paradigm GeoDepth.

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