Paradigm to Present at the URTeC Technical Session

Posted by Samhita Shah on Jul 8, 2015 2:08:00 PM RSS Share Post

The Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) has been held for two years now and keeps growing stronger.  URTeC 2014 attracted more than 5,000 petroleum engineers, geoscientists and other energy professionals collaborating on all things unconventional under one roof — nearly 20% growth over 2013.  The 2015 conference appears to be getting even more interest and attendance.

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Integrated Software Helps Improve EUR

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The January issue of American Oil & Gas Reporter included a contributed article by Duane Dopkin, and Jean-Claude Dulac.  The headline was “Integrated Software Helps Improve EUR.”  Here’s a summary:

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Virtual Lecture Series April Sessions

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Paradigm Helps Operators in Unconventional Plays Obtain Better Return on Investment

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A recap of the Paradigm activities at the 9th Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development Congress and Exhibition in Argentina.

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Paradigm Embarks on a Latin America Geoscience Tour

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It is now officially August, and at Paradigm we’re taking advantage of the final month of summer by heading out on a whirlwind trip through Latin America. 

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