Integrated Wellbore Stability - A Paradigm Geoscience Data Services

Posted by Samhita Shah on Dec 8, 2016 12:01:19 PM RSS Share Post

The proper assessment of wellbore stability draws on shared expertise across multiple geoscience and geological engineering disciplines. It requires an integrated approach in which team members collaborate towards completing a well, in what may be abnormal drilling conditions. The Paradigm Integrated Wellbore Stability workflow consists of a series of operations for the prediction of geopressures, stress regimes, and safe mud weights. One of the most important challenges is to perform these operations seamlessly, leading to results with the lowest possible uncertainty and attendant risk. Another challenge is to properly assess wellbore stability with only limited information.

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Paradigm Education Series – Asia Pacific Kicks Off with Breakfast Talks in Perth and Jakarta

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The Paradigm Education Series – Asia Pacific, kicks off with two Breakfast Talks: “Optimize Full Waveform Sonic Processing” (Perth, Australia) and “An Integrated Geomechanical Capability for Pre-Drill Study” (Jakarta, Indonesia).  Attendance at both events is complimentary, and includes breakfast.

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On Demand: Paradigm Virtual Lecture Series - Resolving Data Integration and Modeling Challenges in the Unconventionals

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On April 12, the presentation “Resolving Data Integration and Modeling Challenges in the Unconventionals", by Lorena Guerra, became available online as part of the 2016 Virtual Lecture Series.

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Geolog 7.4 Expands Product Reach and Extends Third-Party Connectivity

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Don’t miss out on the new release of Geolog 7.4 that expands the functionality of Geolog into the engineering domain, while delivering additional technologies that help minimize drilling costs and ensure safety! Whether you’re a petrophysicist, a geologist or an engineer, Geolog 7.4 delivers proven Geolog technology and usability. 

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Paradigm Technical Forum 2015 will be Held in Tokyo on November 6

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Meeting the challenges of today's tight economy growth and even survival in the current environment of low oil prices necessitates a shift from the standard mode of operation to one of higher productivity and efficiency, and at much lower cost margins, in order to maintain profitability.

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Paradigm Will Present its Latest Software Release at SPE ATCE

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We will showcase the Paradigm® 15 Release at the 2015 Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Houston, September 28-30.

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