A Day in the Life of a Geoscientist: The Role of Porosity in Permeability Prediction and Modeling Deterministic Models and Data Mining

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Articles that state the difficulty of establishing an accurate and reliable relationship between porosity and permeability, in order to create a continuous permeability profile in wells, abound in the Petrophysical literature devoted to carbonate reservoirs. To try and alleviate this difficulty, new numerical methods or data mining techniques are often proposed. However, despite the necessity of interpreting data in terms of causation, those papers hardly discuss and explore, and even less so, explain, the origins of this difficulty. Therefore, questioning the ways in which these techniques are used is as legitimate as examining if they are really effective.

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Paradigm 17: What's New?

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Paradigm Subject Matter Expert, Dr. Bruno de Ribet will be previewing Paradigm 17 during a lunch and learn session and via Webinar on January 17 and 18. Paradigm 17 is Paradigm's latest comprehensive solution suite scheduled to be released in Q1 of 2017. This release is designed to improve asset team productivity and effectiveness, and enable superior decision-making by representing all available data in integrated workflows.

The presentation will provide an overview of the major improvements and new functionalities in Paradigm 17. These include advances in 2D imaging, new tomography workflows, a new methodology for rock type classification, a new volume fusion tool in VoxelGeo, Multimin Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis and a new 3D petrophysics functionality in Geolog, and much more. The presentation will also highlight the new Paradigm Integrated Canvas, which simplifies and streamlines key workflows; the Epos integrated enterprise G&G database; and extended third-party connectivity, making it easier than ever to access your data, wherever it is located.

Click below to learn more and register for Dr. de Ribet's presentation.

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PDVSA INTEVEP Uses Paradigm Geolog for Electrofacies Modeling in a Carbonate Field in Venezuela

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PDVSA INTEVEP undertook a study in a carbonate area located in a gas and condensate reservoir offshore Venezuela, where the main challenge was related to the high heterogeneity of the rock fabric. The geoscientists needed to understand how the pore system pattern reflects good porosities throughout the limestone while having significant permeability variations.  The data was collected from wells with cores, as variations in the petrophysical properties are much harder to predict in wells without core data.  The main objective was to apply a clustering approach in order to build electrofacies models and integrate them with sedimentological interpretations by extrapolating those models to wells without core data.

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Paradigm Education Series – Asia Pacific Kicks Off with Breakfast Talks in Perth and Jakarta

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The Paradigm Education Series – Asia Pacific, kicks off with two Breakfast Talks: “Optimize Full Waveform Sonic Processing” (Perth, Australia) and “An Integrated Geomechanical Capability for Pre-Drill Study” (Jakarta, Indonesia).  Attendance at both events is complimentary, and includes breakfast.

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Geolog 7.4 Expands Product Reach and Extends Third-Party Connectivity

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Don’t miss out on the new release of Geolog 7.4 that expands the functionality of Geolog into the engineering domain, while delivering additional technologies that help minimize drilling costs and ensure safety! Whether you’re a petrophysicist, a geologist or an engineer, Geolog 7.4 delivers proven Geolog technology and usability. 

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Geolog User Group Meeting to be held on Nov 17 in Calgary

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Geolog users located in and near Calgary can take advantage of insights and sharing at the 2015 Geolog User Group Meeting on Tuesday, November 17th at our Calgary office.

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Houston Geolog User Group Meeting Available in Office and Online on Nov. 11

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If you’re a  Geolog user, you can take advantage of the complimentary 2015 Geolog User Group Meeting, on Wednesday, November 11th, at our Houston office or via Webinar.

In order to fit your busy schedule, two sessions will be offered at the office:

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Paradigm Will Present its Latest Software Release at SPE ATCE

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We will showcase the Paradigm® 15 Release at the 2015 Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Houston, September 28-30.

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Geolog Workshops in Australia This Month

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As we continue our efforts to share advanced science around the world, those of you working or traveling in Australia are invited to join us this month at a Geolog® Workshop near you.  We will be sharing advanced workflows aimed at helping you improve efficiency and boost productivity in log processing and analysis. 

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Paradigm Will Share Insights at SPWLA Symposium

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Paradigm will welcome delegates to Booth #300 at the 2015 Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA)  Annual Symposium, July 18 – 22 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California, where they can learn more about Paradigm Geolog® 7 Multi-Disciplinary Field Development Platform.

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