Improving Subsurface Models to Reduce Drilling Uncertainty

Posted by Samhita Shah on Oct 24, 2019 11:43:43 AM RSS Share Post

Orly Kletenik presented a paper, “Reduce Drilling Uncertainty through Rapid Evaluation of Subsurface Scenarios” at the 2019 Emerson Exchange conference.  In the presentation, Orly discussed the challenges in exploration and development, including uncertainties in processing and imaging, geophysical, geologic, petrophysical and dynamics. She provided examples to support the technologies used to solve these issues.

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Webinar: Model-based Tomography for Assessing Subsurface Structural Uncertainty

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Subsurface structural uncertainty can be sourced to errors in migration velocity models, which directly affect the position of migrated events.  One of the reasons for these errors is limitations in the resolution of seismic data. These limitations result in non-unique velocity models, where multiple models can equally flatten the events in common image gathers.  The resultant subsurface structural uncertainty can have a direct impact on reservoir reserves estimation, spill point and closures, and well planning across fault zones.
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Workflows Using Machine Learning Boost Interpretation Confidence

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It is virtually impossible for the human mind to integrate and extract, in a timely manner, the huge amounts of subsurface data now available to interpreters.  The newest version of SeisEarth (Paradigm 18) uses several state-of-the-art Machine Learning-based technologies to extract unprecedented amounts of information from vast and heterogeneous data sources for use in geological classifications, rock property predictions, and anomaly detections. These technologies are offered in the form of automated and easy-to-use guided workflows embedded in the integrated interpretation platform.

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Emerson to present its integrated E&P software suite at AAPG 2018 to enhance operational certainty through reservoir intelligence

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Emerson will present some of the latest technological solutions in its Exploration & Production (E&P) software suite, targeted at the trends and challenges facing today’s energy industry, at the American Association of Exploration Geologists (AAPG) Annual Convention and Exhibition, in Salt Lake City, May 20-23.  Emerson experts in E&P software will deliver a full program at booth #1427, showcasing the company’s latest innovations aimed at supporting global energy programs. 

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Paradigm at EAGE 2017

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Visit Paradigm booth #320 at the 79th European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) Annual Convention and Exhibition, in Paris, June 12-15. At EAGE, Paradigm will have a very strong presence showcasing the innovative technologies in our new Paradigm 17 product suite, as well as on high science and collaboration with leading industry partners.

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Greeting the New Year with the Introduction of Paradigm 15.5

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What a great way to close out 2015 and welcome 2016 by announcing Paradigm® 15.5, our latest comprehensive solution suite.  Paradigm 15.5 reinforces and extends the performance gains established in Paradigm 15, released earlier in the year, and enables you to focus attention on your most critical workflows. The new release provides more automation, tighter product integration, and expanded third-party connectivity, all aimed at improving productivity and return on your investment.

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Wrapping Up a Year of Technology Advances

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It continues to be a tough climate for oil and gas.  Crude prices hover at six-year lows, wells are being shut in and rigs retired, but it has also been a time when forward-thinking players regroup and build strength and capacity for the inevitable economic upswing.  At Paradigm, that’s what we’ve been about this past year – investing in our customer relationships and ensuring the delivery of top-notch products with top-quality service.

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Paradigm Introduces Paradigm 15 Solution Suite

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Busy Paradigm Presence at SBGf 2015 with Demos, White Papers and More

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Paradigm will be doing demonstrations, and making presentations of technical papers and white papers at SBGf 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at the 14th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society, August 3-6.  Paradigm will be a Platinum Sponsor of this event.  The Paradigm exhibit will be found at Booth #52.  Geoscientists from multiple disciplines will present integrated workflows around these themes:

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Paradigm to Present at the URTeC Technical Session

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The Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) has been held for two years now and keeps growing stronger.  URTeC 2014 attracted more than 5,000 petroleum engineers, geoscientists and other energy professionals collaborating on all things unconventional under one roof — nearly 20% growth over 2013.  The 2015 conference appears to be getting even more interest and attendance.

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