Enhanced Reservoir Modeling Precision through Orthorhombic Anisotropy Analysis and Imaging

Posted by Gali Dekel on Oct 29, 2018 9:10:35 AM RSS Share Post

As both the amount of acquired data and the power of computers continue to increase exponentially, there is a natural demand for higher exploration precision. Acknowledging the complexity and richness of subsurface media properties is one way to attain accurate modeling and imaging.

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2016 Virtual Lecture Series - Season 2 Continues with Lecture on Diffraction Imaging

Posted by Samhita Shah on Jul 20, 2016 2:33:13 PM RSS Share Post

Paradigm recently began the Season 2 of its popular Virtual Lecture Series - 2016. This season includes 9 On-Demand Webcasts covering a wide range of topics of interest to geoscientists. These include high-definition seismic imaging, advanced interpretation, comprehensive geomechanics, and unique modeling workflows for reducing risk, in both conventional and unconventional plays. This free and flexible online video series, now in its 5th year, enables participants to attend presentations by Paradigm technical experts at a time and place most convenient for them.

For a complete schedule of this year’s broadcasts, click here. The Presentation Abstracts can be viewed here.

The upcoming lecture, on July 26, is about "Diffraction Imaging from Full-Azimuth Data and Legacy Data for Improved Structural Resolution". In this lecture, Kashif Shaukat, Paradigm Technical Sales Advisor, discusses about the in-depth migration, recorded wavefield components mapped at each depth point consist of specular energy and diffraction energy. Paradigm innovates with a technique in which the diffracted component is separated from the total migrated wavefield. That diffracted component plays a vital role in building an accurate structural framework. By designing an optimal filter, diffraction imaging can also be used to map small scale subsurface geological objects and discontinuities such as faults and uncomformities. This methodology enables geoscientists to improve structural resolution, and perform accurate interpretation and modeling for further exploration workflows. The technology featured is Paradigm EarthStudy 360®

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Paradigm Virtual Lecture Series: Determine Stress and Fractures from Seismic Imaging for HD Delineation of the Sweet Spot - November 10

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Paradigm Surpasses Its Strong Presence at EAGE 2014, Amsterdam

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The 76th EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Amsterdam was the biggest yet with more than 7,300 attendees – both conference goers and exhibitors. With the recent growth of the EAGE organization, the event can now stand tall as one of the largest multi-disciplinary geoscience and engineering event in the world. EAGE 2014 offered a six-day program that presented the latest developments in geophysics, geology and reservoir/petroleum engineering.

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Paradigm 14 Brings New Capability for Seismic Processing & Imaging and Interpretation

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By Somesh Singh, Chief Product Officer, Paradigm

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