Paradigm Will Feature its High-Productivity, High-Definition Workflows at the Annual SEG Meeting

Posted by Samhita Shah on Oct 8, 2015 9:02:00 AM RSS Share Post


Paradigm will have a major presence at the SEG 85th Annual Meeting & Exhibition from October 18 – 23 in New Orleans.  The Paradigm offering will include 30 demonstrations, two lunch-and-learn sessions and six papers in the Technical Program, in addition to opportunities to visit with individual subject matter experts.

Join us at Booth #2808 as we reveal how Paradigm innovation and vision are helping users increase efficiency while reducing risk and costs, essential in the current economic climate.  

Paradigm geoscientists from multiple disciplines will present integrated workflows around the Paradigm 15 release, which delivers higher productivity through integrated, HD workflows. As part of the theatre program, Paradigm 15 demonstrations will include:

  • Accessible Quantitative Seismic Interpretation tools for improved prospect identification and ranking
  • Advances in seismic interpretation and modeling, including depth-to-depth conversion with automated and global well marker mistie analysis and the use of unstructured grids
  • Productivity enhancements in seismic data interpretation and analysis for large data, including a new compression roaming technology
  • Breakthroughs in full-azimuth imaging and interpretation
  • The integration of geophysical and geologic models

Complimentary lunch & learn sessions:

  • Monday - The Role of Technology Provider - Vision and Directions
  • Tuesday - New QC Tool for Better Understanding of Seismic Imaging in Multi-layer Azimuthally Anisotropic Media

Paradigm Papers in the SEG Technical Program will include:

  • Filtering Azimuthal Anisotropic Velocity Field
  • Random Noise Attenuation Using The 2-Dimensional Shearlet Transform
  • Seismic Imaging with Ocean-Bottom Nodes (OBN): Mirror Migration Technique
  • Predicting Reliability of AVA Effects Using Neural Networks
  • Obstacles in the Analysis of Azimuth Information from Prestack Seismic Data
  • A Robus X-T Domain Deghosting Method for Various Source/Receiver Configurations

Visit the Paradigm SEG event page for more details and to register for the lunch and learn sessions.  To download our demonstration schedule, click here.

We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!

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