On Demand: Paradigm Virtual Lecture Series - Resolving Data Integration and Modeling Challenges in the Unconventionals

Posted by Samhita Shah on Apr 28, 2016 2:08:58 PM RSS Share Post


On April 12, the presentation “Resolving Data Integration and Modeling Challenges in the Unconventionals", by Lorena Guerra, became available online as part of the 2016 Virtual Lecture Series.

From exploration to development, the key to success in unconventional reservoirs goes hand in hand with an operator’s ability to analyze and dynamically integrate the multi-disciplinary data collected into an integrated earth model. 

This lecture presents a case study in which interpretation of microseismic data was used to validate geomechanical properties extracted from seismic data.  It highlights the integration of multi-disciplinary data to reduce uncertainty by using microseismic events and their relative chronological occurrence as a proxy for fracture propagation, ”connecting the dots”, and validation of the elastic properties derived from a prestack seismic data inversion with the fracture propagation model from microseismic data.

This presentation features Paradigm’s SKUA-GOCAD™ modeling platform.

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Upcoming sessions in the 2016 Virtual Lecture Series include:

  • May 10: The Impact of Full-Azimuth Imaging on Resolving Subsurface Geology: Diffraction Imaging, Specular Imaging, Multiple Suppression
  • May 24: Efficiencies in Large Volume Interpretation: Compression Roaming and Dependencies
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