Paradigm Technology Day in Canada

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Join us on September 1 and 2, for Technology Day where our representatives will demonstrate how users can benefit from precise and geologically consistent results with Paradigm.  Over the two days, they will demonstrate and discuss:

  • How Paradigm interpretation workflows are asset-focused and operate across multiple domains.
  • How to significantly enhance workflow efficiency and productivity with Paradigm workflows.
  • How to strengthen quality control with the ability to move between each stage of the upstream workflow – all without leaving the interpretation environment.
  • New insights into how easy usability, interactivity and scalability can enable interpreters to fast track interpretation and modeling of complex structures.

The Paradigm integrated interpretation, visualization, and modeling software suite is engineered to deliver more information from existing data and more confidence in decision making. Paradigm interpretation and modeling encompasses all stages of the geosciences workflow and is powered by an advanced modeling engine that brings all the information together. The result is a verified and accurate earth model inclusive of all subsurface data. Paradigm interpretation and modeling solutions include:

  • Geologic Interpretation
  • Interpretation Validation 
  • Seismic Interpretation

Presentations will include:

  • Seismic Interpretation Overview: Paradigm SeisEarth®
  • Seismic Facies  Classification: Paradigm Stratimagic®
  • Pre-Stack Quantitative Seismic Interpretation (QSI): Paradigm SeisEarth® and Paradigm Probe®
  • Geologic Interpretation: Paradigm StratEarth®
  • Petrel Connector
  • Modeling Overview: Paradigm SKUA-GOCAD®
  • Structural Uncertainty
  • Interpretation Modeling
  • Facies Modeling
  • Macros

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