Paradigm Technical Forum 2015 will be Held in Tokyo on November 6

Posted by Samhita Shah on Nov 4, 2015 3:32:10 PM RSS Share Post

Meeting the challenges of today's tight economy growth and even survival in the current environment of low oil prices necessitates a shift from the standard mode of operation to one of higher productivity and efficiency, and at much lower cost margins, in order to maintain profitability.

Take advantage of the opportunity to discuss best practices that will help you tackle today’s exploration challenges at the Paradigm Technical Forum 2015, on November 6, in Tokyo, Japan.

Attendance is complimentary, and will include refreshments, lunch and cocktails. 

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Here’s a glimpse:

  • Introduction to Paradigm 15.5

Paradigm’s most advanced software release yet!

  • Seismic Compression: Store, Share, Analyze and Visualize Bigger Data than Ever Before!

You can now use even more of your data in more of your decisions!

  • Revisit Your Legacy Data and See Valuable Hidden Information with Depth Imaging using Local Angle Domain

New technology is constantly changing our perspective of the world. Just like high definition TV has brought about a new level of visual clarity, even on old TV shows, our new seismic imaging technology has proven to help reveal new perspectives and information from legacy seismic data.

  • Enhance Efficiency with Integrated Structural, Stratigraphic and Quantitative Workflow in a Seamless, Shared Environment

Today’s subsurface application market offers a wide variety of tools for structural, stratigraphic and quantitative interpretation.

  • See More In Your 3D Seismic Data and Find Prospects Others Have Missed!

Why not use the best tools on the market?

  • Case Study: 3D Seismic Geomorphological Reservoir Distribution Analysis

Dr. Osamu Takano, Group Leader and Senior Sedimentologist of Sequence Stratigraphy Group, Exploration Technology Department

Technical Division of Japan Petroleum Exploration

  • Maximize Understanding of Your Fractured or Unconventional Reservoir Anisotropy with Full-Azimuth AVAZ/VVAZ Inversion
  • Subsurface Modeling in High Definition: Fracture Modeling and Geomechanics

Reduce uncertainty and understand fracture permeability and porosity distribution before production begins!

More information and a detailed agenda is available at


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