Paradigm Presentations at SEG 2017: Using Reservoir Knowledge to Improve Economic Outcomes for Conventional and Unconventional Plays

Posted by Samhita Shah on Sep 12, 2017 10:22:46 AM RSS Share Post

Paradigm will present the latest innovations in its extensive suite of geological and geophysical software solutions in booth #1535 at the SEG International Exposition and 87th Annual Meeting in Houston, to be held September 24-29. Demonstrations will feature integrated workflows for seismic processing and imaging, interpretation, and modeling, designed to enhance efficiency in the exploration and production of both conventional and unconventional plays.  Some of the presentations will highlight how Paradigm solutions use Machine Learning to create a revolution in the interpretation of subsurface data.

The theatre program will offer a wide range of technologies and workflows, as well as special Lunch & Learn presentations: Evolutionary Movements in Geophysics, A Machine Learning Technique for Lithology and Fluid Content Prediction from Prestack Seismic Data, and Predictive Modeling in the Cloud. Presentation schedule, abstracts and other details are available on the Paradigm SEG 2017 event page.

Dramatic productivity improvements with Paradigm next-generation machine learning..png“Our booth theme this year is, ‘Using reservoir geophysics knowledge to improve economic outcomes’, said Duane Dopkin, executive vice president of Geoscience for Paradigm. “All of our demonstrations show how we have adapted new technologies to achieve a better understanding of the subsurface, in order to help our customers achieve accurate results more efficiently.  We will highlight how geoscience and computer science technologies converge to deliver these solutions to geoscientists operating in a diversity of assets and reservoirs.”

Paradigm Subject Matter Experts will be available for one-on-one demonstrations of specific workflows and software applications.  Visitors are invited to take part in the company’s popular main theatre Lunch & Learn sessions, to be held all three days of the show (September 25-27) at 12:00 noon.  Space is limited, so please register now.

Paradigm geoscientists will be delivering nine technical papers in multiple sessions of the SEG Technical Program.  Details about names, sessions and times can be found on the Paradigm SEG 2017 event page.

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