Paradigm Launches New Free App Exchange

Posted by Samhita Shah on Nov 18, 2015 3:24:51 PM RSS Share Post

Geolog users - take advantage of the Paradigm App Exchange to submit and download Geolog Apps at no cost. 


Over the years, many of our customers have created innovative and effective Apps that help them maximize the value of their Geolog software. As a Geolog user, you can easily expand your workflows using solutions developed by your peers while sharing your own innovations, to further enhance industry knowledge.

The App Exchange continues the Paradigm tradition of openness, collaboration and knowledge sharing, and further underscores our commitment to offer advanced science for everyone. The first available Apps were developed using Geolog programming languages, such as Loglan and tcl scripts. 

Maintain your competitive edge by sharing your innovations with your peers, while benefiting from their developments.

Paradigm App Exchange

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