Paradigm Launches 2016 Virtual Lecture Series with All-New Advanced Science Topics

Posted by Samhita Shah on Jan 18, 2016 2:52:50 PM RSS Share Post


Paradigm is proud to continue our popular Virtual Lecture series in 2016 with a new line-up of 10 On-Demand Webcasts presented throughout the year by some of Paradigm’s most knowledgeable subject matter experts.  This free online video series, now in its 5th year, features discussions of advanced geoscience solutions to tackle tough subsurface issues directly affecting your drilling risk and production potential.

2016 presentations cover a wide range of topics addressing the complexities of seismic interpretation, velocity modeling, interpretation validation, data integration and more.  Each lecture brings to light new technologies, applications or knowledge drawn from Paradigm’s extensive R&D and field experience. For a complete schedule of this year’s broadcasts, click here.

Your first opportunity to participate will be January 19 when Joanne Wang presents “The Power of Seismic Interpretation in Depth: Time-to-Depth and Re-Depth Solutions.”  In this video, Joanne discusses an updated solution to a major challenge in seismic interpretation:  seismic-to-well-tie in the depth domain. By illustrating technologies, workflows and examples of grid-based and model-based tomography, she demonstrates how seismic interpreters can efficiently achieve accurate seismic time-to-depth conversion or re-depthing using Paradigm’s well data constrained time-preserving tomography.

Featured technologies include SeisEarth® Explorer™- Synthetics, T-D, D-D in Anisotropic Regimes, and Mistie Tomography

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