Paradigm k:  Using Fast, Reservoir Physics-based Predictive Analytics to Help Solve Production Problems Before They Arise

Posted by Samhita Shah on Oct 11, 2017 11:31:05 AM RSS Share Post

Paradigm unveiled Paradigm k, its new Production Management solution, at the 017 Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio.  Paradigm k is a new, Cloud-based, collaborative workflow for production and reservoir engineers, used to support field operations in maintenance and management of the well system. 

Paradigm k can predict fluid flow in complex fractured environments, in minutes – and without time consuming setup.Paradigm k applies fast and rigorous reservoir physics to real-time decision-making using advanced computational mathematics.  With comprehensive tools for surveillance, optimization and collaboration, Paradigm k helps asset teams achieve an elevated level of situational awareness to meet field production targets and eliminate deferment.

The Paradigm k technology provides unprecedented speed and a holistic view of physical measurements and critical production performance metrics at the resolution of individual wells.  These help detect production issues before they transpire, and enable truly proactive production management at the speed of today’s oilfield operations.

Paradigm k consists of three modules:

Well Performance through Production Engineering, Reservoir Engineering and economic evaluation.

Surveillance, to spot adverse issues before they emerge.

Connect (powered by Exigo), to provide streamlined communication around your assets and daily projects.

The initial release of Paradigm k has been specifically designed and optimized for shale oil and shale gas reservoirs.  Complex fluid movements around multi-fractured horizontal wells are rigorously simulated:  The models are simple to set up and are executed with tremendous speed.  Hydraulic fracture models can be oriented and heterogeneous, and include complex structures.  Future releases will extend the solution to conventional reservoirs.

Paradigm k offers numerous unique advantages:

  • Fills in data gaps and forecasts future performance in a rigorous manner.
  • Presents a single, holistic view of enriched data and predictive analytics in real time, to achieve an elevated level of situational awareness, for better decision-making.
  • Permits application of Production and Reservoir Engineering fundamentals for analysis and design, in a time-efficient manner.
  • Enables the evaluation of numerous production and workover scenarios in minutes, to optimize your lift performance.
  • Allows rapid forecasting and analysis of production from complex fractured completions.
  • Facilitates team sharing and collaboration across organizations and disciplines.
  • Cloud-based, can be accessed by asset teams anywhere around the world on a device of their choice.

This versatile system works with any connected device, and any software operating system capable of supporting Google Chrome and other popular Web browsers.

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