New Features in Paradigm 15 Can Improve and Expand Your Capabilities

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GeoDepth users can now perform model-centric velocity determination by incorporating SKUA structural and stratigraphic model building capabilities into the depth imaging workflow, enabling velocity volumes and geological formation volumes created in SKUA to be used in Illumination, grid tomography and migrations, and RTM modeling workflows. This is particularly important in geological regimes defined by faults, salt bodies, unconformities, etc.

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Other key features of the Paradigm 15 release include:

  • Enhancements to Echos Reverse Time Migration (RTM), such as variable density and a new option to migrate poststack data; and a new Echos module (RNA) for shearlet-based attenuation of ambient noise in seismic data
  • Enriched velocity model updating, including time-preserving tomography and VSP tomography in GeoDepth
  • A full workflow for Offset Vector Tile (OVT) gathers (prestack data) in GeoDepth
  • Significant improvements in run time (app. X5) that enable EarthStudy 360/CRAM to be run on large datasets
  • New Quantitative Seismic Interpretation (QSI) modules, including embedded colored inversion
  • New assisted fault-horizon contact feature in SeisEarth
  • Global Velocity Model Builder in Explorer (also available in GeoDepth SeisEarth), offering an easy way to build velocity models without the need to perform time-consuming data preconditioning
  • A new, easy-to-use variogram analysis tool in SKUA-GOCAD
  • New connectivity options:
    • Petrel connectivity to/from standalone Stratimagic/VoxelGeo
    • Petrel connectivity to/from SKUA-GOCAD through RESQML 2.0 standard format
    • Direct two-way transfer of data between Geolog and Petrel; connectivity between Geolog and Petris Recall™

You can see all the great new features of the Paradigm 15 Release at  Videos of some of the new features show you how these enhancements can make your work better and easier.

Download Paradigm 15 today and begin taking advantage of the latest advanced science from Paradigm.

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