Learn About a Breakthrough in Seismic Facies Classification

Posted by Samhita Shah on Sep 30, 2015 12:03:43 PM RSS Share Post

On October 13 Bruno de Ribet will do a presentation of “Seismic Facies Classification Scenarios: From Waveform to Rock Type,” as part of the second season of the 2015 Virtual Lecture Series.

Paradigm Stratimagic in 3D CanvasThis video, first presented at EAGE 2015, will help you learn about advanced geoscience solutions that can help you minimize risk and maximize production, for more cost-effective drilling.  

Seismic facies automated classification processes are a proven technology that play an increasingly vital role in seismic stratigraphy interpretation and reservoir characterization workflows. Due to advances in seismic acquisition, processing and imaging, geoscientists now have access to HD subsurface images.

This presentation will illustrate a breakthrough in the use of the pioneering Paradigm Stratimagic computer-aided seismic facies classification system.

De Ribet will introduce an innovative workflow that expands the traditional use of seismic attribute data for seismic characterization. The workflow uses classification procedures for predicting lithofacies away from the wellbore and for assessing uncertainty for each rock type. It captures reservoir heterogeneities and detail normally not feasible in standard reservoir characterization workflows.

Featured Technology:  Stratimagic®

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