Is Your Company Ready to Start Exploring Deepwater Again?

Posted by Samhita Shah on Jul 30, 2018 9:34:02 AM RSS Share Post

The global oil industry has begun to recover from its long downturn, as seen in the rising price of crude.  These prices will stay high for awhile, and in fact, we’re now seeing the beginning of some concern about shortages and high prices by the 2020s.

OffshorePlatform_55068411With this in mind, it’s not unreasonable to conclude that the oil and gas industry will have to resume deepwater exploration eventually.  However, many companies that try to re-enter deepwater exploration will find that their technology has atrophied during the years of focusing on onshore North American shales.  In light of the loss of skills and technology in the industry, it is important that O&G companies find partners who can provide them with the software, services, and training needed to resume deepwater activities.

Emerson E&P Software’s Paradigm product suite is uniquely well suited to solving deepwater and subsalt/presalt challenges. While other technology companies stopped investing during the downturn, we kept our R&D staff intact, and have been releasing new products and services regularly.  

Read the blog by Peter Wang, Emerson E&P Software Technical Advisor, for details about how Emerson E&P software tools can help you profit from deepwater exploration.

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