Enhanced Reservoir Modeling Precision through Orthorhombic Anisotropy Analysis and Imaging

Posted by Gali Dekel on Oct 29, 2018 9:10:35 AM RSS Share Post

As both the amount of acquired data and the power of computers continue to increase exponentially, there is a natural demand for higher exploration precision. Acknowledging the complexity and richness of subsurface media properties is one way to attain accurate modeling and imaging.

Gali Dekel, Emerson E&P Software Product Manager for Paradigm GeoDepth™ and EarthStudy 360™, describes how the recent Paradigm™ 18 release from Emerson E&P Software offers an enhanced orthorhombic workflow that enables highest-precision velocity modeling. Click here for more.

Full-azimuth reflection angle gathers (field data) after VTI migration (left) and after full orthorhombic migration (right). The orthorhombic layer at 4200 ft is flat.

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