At SEG, Emerson to Demonstrate Integrated E&P Software Solutions for Advanced Subsurface Analysis

Posted by Samhita Shah on Sep 9, 2019 7:42:20 PM RSS Share Post

Emerson will showcase the integrated technological solutions comprising its Exploration & Production (E&P) software suite and services at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) 89th Annual Meeting and International Exposition in San Antonio, Texas, September 15-18.  Presentations delivered daily at Emerson’s booth #1433 will focus on the company’s integrated solutions for efficiently connecting subsurface intelligence to surface operations, in support of the oil and gas industry’s ongoing digital transformation.In Emerson’s multi-user integrated interpretation platform, a regional scale display of multiple 2D and 3D seismic datasets and large interpretations supports asset team efficiency and collaboration, leading to higher productivity. Image based on Geoscience Australia material.

The presentations will cover many of the industry’s most pressing challenges, with solutions for the unconventionals and conventionals in high-resolution geophysics, machine learning, workflow automation, cloud delivery, and production optimization. Other presentations will highlight advances in geologic restoration, interpretation, depthing, and quantitative seismic interpretation and characterization.

A joint Emerson-Microsoft presentation will showcase Emerson’s E&P software portfolio on the Microsoft® Azure® cloud platform, including desktop and high-performance computing (HPC) applications.

The popular Emerson Lunch & Learn series will feature the following presentations this year:

  • The Democratization of Technology - An essential component of Digital Transformation, presented by Francisco Ortigosa, Repsol, Monday, September 16.
  • High Resolution Full Azimuth Diffraction Imaging and Holographic Seismic Imaging , presented by Duane Dopkin, Tuesday, September 17.
  • How Do You Know When You Really Have Fractures? VVAZ QC with Emerson Software, presented by Scott Cook, Tricon Geophysics, Wednesday, September 18.
Emerson geoscientists will have a significant presence in this year’s SEG technical program, with five technical papers delivered in a variety of sessions.  In addition, two technical sessions will be chaired by Emerson experts Bruno de Ribet (Interpretation 3) and Yaniv Hollander (Geophysics: Novel Concepts poster session).

Private demonstrations of the company’s latest technologies and applications are available upon request.

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