Emerson Releases Paradigm 19

Posted by Samhita Shah on Jan 20, 2020 10:38:05 AM RSS Share Post

Emerson’s E&P Software Solutions group today released Paradigm™ 19, the latest version of the comprehensive Emerson E&P software suite.  Paradigm 19 offers new and enhanced functionalities to support Emerson’s strategic focus on usability, productivity, automation, performance, and collaboration in all E&P software domains, from seismic processing and imaging to reservoir modeling.  The result is more efficient workflows, accurate results that reduce uncertainty, and cost savings across our customers’ entire organization.

Paradigm 19-1

Paradigm 19 is available as both a cloud-hosted and on-premise solution.  This flexible offering continues to deliver best-in-breed software applications and workflows while ensuring maximum scalability and performance at all levels of use.

Among the outstanding features in Paradigm 19 are:

  • New Workflows for Interpreters, which integrate key functionalities of Emerson’s well-proven Stratimagic™ and VoxelGeo™ applications into the same integrated platform where day-to-day interpretation is performed. The result is improved productivity, faster product adoption and a reduced learning curve.  The ability to chain workflows together adds further efficiency to the overall interpretation workflow.
  • A unique workflow, Modified Stochastic Inversion (MSI), part of our Quantitative Seismic Interpretation offering. This workflow uses a completely new approach to stochastic inversion, enabling the creation of multiple broadband-frequency realizations of the reservoir that match all available data, including the seismic.  MSI can also use complex stratigraphy, which other solutions cannot.
  • Additional automation to help users improve performance throughout the E&P process, including the use of machine learning for accelerated interpretation and reservoir characterization. Results show up to 20% higher user productivity for multi-survey and large-scale imaging and interpretation projects.
  • A new feature incorporating surface outcrop data in Emerson’s multi-survey interpretation system - very valuable to users working with poor-quality seismic data, particularly in mountainous areas.
  • Enhancements to the GeoDepth™ Tomography functionality that extend productivity through automation, including a multiple parameter mode and a varying update grid. An OVT binning application has been added to the Kirchhoff migration, to improve image and gather quality.
  • New options for seismic noise attenuation by radial trace transformation, seismic residual statics solutions, and seismic survey merging by 5D data
  •  reconstruction.
  • Dramatically reduced I/O initialization time improves EarthStudy 360™ productivity, particularly important for cloud runs.
  • Structural model refinement in SKUA-GOCAD™ modeling workflows, built using SKUA™ volumetric modeling. The method reduces computational time and memory consumption when used with low-resolution initial structural models, and delivers a higher-resolution final model.
  • A fully automatic SKUA-GOCAD™ reservoir modeling uncertainty workflow, reducing cycle time and further broadening the scope of Big Loop™ workflows for reliable assisted history matching and prediction.
  • Powerful new tools in Geolog™ 19 for finding, visualizing and processing data across Geolog’s multi-well databases. A new Mud Gas Analysis module provides key information about hydrocarbons in drilled formations and allows safer drilling through early detection of gas kicks and lost circulation.

For more information, or to schedule a demo, please contact us at, or call your local Emerson office.

Click below to learn more about the new features and enhancements in Paradigm 19.

Paradigm 19


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