Emerson Automation Solutions Pledges Support In Response To COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

Emerson Releases Paradigm 19

How Digital Transformation is Changing E&P Subsurface Workflows

Improving Subsurface Models to Reduce Drilling Uncertainty

At 2019 SPE ATCE, Emerson's Presentations Will Feature Solutions for Solving Subsurface and Surface Challenges

At SEG, Emerson to Demonstrate Integrated E&P Software Solutions for Advanced Subsurface Analysis

Emerson Rock Type Classification with Machine Learning Gains Top Spot in Hart Energy’s 2019 Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation

A Day in the Life of a Geoscientist: The Role of Porosity in Permeability Prediction and Modeling Deterministic Models and Data Mining

Webinar: Model-based Tomography for Assessing Subsurface Structural Uncertainty

Enhanced Reservoir Modeling Precision through Orthorhombic Anisotropy Analysis and Imaging

Workflows Using Machine Learning Boost Interpretation Confidence

At SEG 2018, Emerson to Demonstrate Integrated E&P Software Solutions that Support the Oil & Gas Industry’s Digital Transformation

Emerson E&P Software Introduces 3D Hybrid Grids, to Reliably Quantify In-Situ Stress Changes Due to Oilfield Exploitation

Is Your Company Ready to Start Exploring Deepwater Again?

Emerson E&P Software Announces the Release of Paradigm 18

Emerson to Present its Integrated E&P Software Suite at EAGE 2018

Emerson to present its integrated E&P software suite at AAPG 2018 to enhance operational certainty through reservoir intelligence

 A Day in the Life of a Geoscientist: How to Properly Integrate Output from Various Disciplines into Geomodeling Projects

Training: Litho-Seismic, Waveform, and Rock Type Classifications for Rock Type and Fluid Prediction 

Call to Action - The (Color) Bar Has Been Raised – Interpreters Need an Upgraded Toolkit Now

Paradigm k:  Using Fast, Reservoir Physics-based Predictive Analytics to Help Solve Production Problems Before They Arise

Paradigm Presentations at SEG 2017: Using Reservoir Knowledge to Improve Economic Outcomes for Conventional and Unconventional Plays

Paradigm Hackathon Accelerates Innovation

Paradigm at EAGE 2017

Paradigm Announces SKUA-GOCAD User Group Meeting in Paris

Introducing Paradigm 17

Paradigm Media Event at AAPG 2017 to Feature Paradigm 17, its Latest Software Suite

The Robots Have Come to Seismic Interpretation

Paradigm 17: What's New?

Integrated Wellbore Stability - A Paradigm Geoscience Data Services

Visit Paradigm at SEG 2016

Virtual Lecture Series on Capturing Geological Model Uncertainties to Improve De-risking

Virtual Lecture Series 2016 - Season 2: Maximize the Efficiency of your 2D Reprocessing

Velocity Is at the Heart of Paradigm Software - Part 2

Velocity Is at the Heart of Paradigm Software - Part 1

2016 Virtual Lecture Series - Season 2 Continues with Lecture on Diffraction Imaging

The Road Less Taken: Weathering the Downturn with an Eye on the Future

YPF Adopts Paradigm SeisEarth to Perform a Sequences Characterization Workflow in a Core Exploration Area in Argentina

Paradigm Offers Nine New Webcasts in Season 2 of its 2016 Virtual Lecture Series

PDVSA INTEVEP Uses Paradigm Geolog for Electrofacies Modeling in a Carbonate Field in Venezuela

Customer Story: SKUA-GOCAD Helps Create a 3D Full-Field Reservoir Model Incorporating All Data, including Seismicity, at The Geysers Geothermal Field in Northern California*

Paradigm Education Series – Asia Pacific Kicks Off with Breakfast Talks in Perth and Jakarta

On Demand: Paradigm Virtual Lecture Series - Resolving Data Integration and Modeling Challenges in the Unconventionals

Using Seismic Attributes to Improve Geological & Geophysical Interpretation

Facing the Heat: Better Technology Helps Meet Growing Geothermal Demand

Extract More from Your Seismic for Better Reservoir Models

2016 Virtual Lecture Series: Interpretation Validation

2016 Virtual Lecture Continues with Presentation on the Paradigm Deghosting Solution

The Second Session of the Education Series for Paradigm 15.5 Focuses on Quantitative Seismic Interpretation

A Collaborative Offering by GE and Paradigm Aims at Resolving Production Challenges and Discovering New Opportunities

First Sessions of the Education Series for Paradigm 15.5 to Begin in the Americas

Paradigm Launches 2016 Virtual Lecture Series with All-New Advanced Science Topics

Greeting the New Year with the Introduction of Paradigm 15.5

Wrapping Up a Year of Technology Advances

Geolog 7.4 Expands Product Reach and Extends Third-Party Connectivity

Paradigm Launches New Free App Exchange

Geolog User Group Meeting to be held on Nov 17 in Calgary

Houston Geolog User Group Meeting Available in Office and Online on Nov. 11

Paradigm Virtual Lecture Series: Determine Stress and Fractures from Seismic Imaging for HD Delineation of the Sweet Spot - November 10

Paradigm Technical Forum 2015 will be Held in Tokyo on November 6

Virtual Lecture about Handling a Highly Complex Geologic Environment Offered on Oct. 27

Paradigm Will Feature its High-Productivity, High-Definition Workflows at the Annual SEG Meeting

Learn About a Breakthrough in Seismic Facies Classification

Paradigm Will Present its Latest Software Release at SPE ATCE

Paradigm to Host Seismic Interpretation Technical Forum in Goa, India

Geolog Workshops in Australia This Month

New Features in Paradigm 15 Can Improve and Expand Your Capabilities

Paradigm Services, Support and Training

Paradigm Introduces Paradigm 15 Solution Suite

Paradigm Technology Day in Canada

Paradigm Launches 2015 Virtual Lecture Series - Season 2

A Paradigm Case Study with PDVSA Petroindependencia

Busy Paradigm Presence at SBGf 2015 with Demos, White Papers and More

Paradigm to Present at the URTeC Technical Session

Paradigm Will Share Insights at SPWLA Symposium

Paradigm Presence at EAGE 2015 Conference & Exhibition

Paradigm at 2015 AAPG Convention, May 31 –June 3

Integrated Software Helps Improve EUR

Virtual Lectures on Advanced Geoscience workflows on April 30 and May 14

Paradigm 2015 Mexico Road Show in May

Paradigm Presentation at OTC 2015

The Paradigm Team Will Offer Live Demonstrations at GeoConvention 2015

Virtual Lecture Series April Sessions

Paradigm Seismic Interpretation Forums in Europe in March

March 19 Webcast of 2015 Virtual Lecture Series Features Seismic Focused Sweet Spot Characterization in a Shale Resource Play – An Eagle Ford Example

2015 Virtual Lecture Series Begins March 5

Don’t Miss the Last Two Sessions of the 2014 Virtual Lecture Series

Ecopetrol Succeeds in Middle Magdalena Valley Reservoir Exploitation Using Paradigm SKUA

Paradigm Moves Ahead in 2014

Advanced Workflows Highlighted at Mexico National Geological Convention

Paradigm AP team to present at the upcoming IPTC 2014, Kuala Lumpur

Driving HD Evaluation from Imaging to Interpretation and Modeling

Paradigm Helps Operators in Unconventional Plays Obtain Better Return on Investment

Paradigm Virtual Lectures in November

High Definition G&G Advancements Stand Out at SEG 2014

Seismic Interpretation to Subsurface Modeling – In High Definition

A New Approach to Lithology Prediction that Integrates Well and Pre-stack Data

Paradigm Virtual Lecture Series Returns with 13 On-Demand Webcasts

Detailed Well Design Unlocks New Area of Production

Paradigm Embarks on a Latin America Geoscience Tour

Paradigm Surpasses Its Strong Presence at EAGE 2014, Amsterdam

Paradigm 14 Brings New Capability for Seismic Processing & Imaging and Interpretation

Innovation Is the Key

Deep Diving into 3D Seismic Data Volumes

A discussion with Paradigm customer COMESA

Drilling from the Cloud

Innovation to Meet the World's Energy Demand