A Collaborative Offering by GE and Paradigm Aims at Resolving Production Challenges and Discovering New Opportunities

Posted by Samhita Shah on Jan 28, 2016 1:00:00 PM RSS Share Post

In today's economic environment, operators need to maximize the life of their existing reservoirs while reducing operating costs.  To help answer that demand, GE and Paradigm have partnered to develop Reservoir Driven Production Optimization (RDPO), a new solution which helps break down functional and technical silos, enabling production teams to make optimal decisions when managing large and/or complex fields. 

The Challenge:  Production Optimization

Operators are challenged to maximize production from their reservoirs, but simply pumping more can result in lower production and higher costs. 

Organizations attempt to optimize field-wide production by looking at well-specific outflow results only, without geologic context.  The new offering aims at combining real subsurface knowledge and predictive analytics in order to optimize production field-wide.

What is Reservoir Driven Production Optimization?


Reservoir Driven Production Optimization requires managing fluid and pressure in the reservoir and properly equipping wells for optimal deliverability, field-wide.  In particular, operators can exceed production targets and manage operational costs by:

  • Selecting superior infill drilling locations (where to drill)
  • Improving well intervention strategies (how to lift)
  • Predicting flood behavior (what to inject and when)

GE and Paradigm offer complementary strengths that together, deliver the intelligence needed to make each of these decisions, in a new and efficient manner.


  • Live production and equipment surveillance
  • The industry’s most accurate optimization analytics


  • Deeper insight into the subsurface
  • The industry’s most accurate and predictive reservoir models

What Are the Main Differentiators in the GE-Paradigm Offering?

RDPO enables production engineers to make use of real-time production data such as pressures and flow rates, conduct nodal analysis, and evaluate diagnostics via integration with a 3D model of the subsurface.  This leads to a better understanding and prediction of the impact of production intervention before taking costly and potentially adverse actions.  Armed with a clearer understanding of the reservoir geology, permanent monitoring of wells, and predictive analytics, operators are better equipped to understand risks and act upon them.

RDPO offers added value for:  

  • Fields moving from development to production
  • Mature/rejuvenated fields
  • Marginally economic fields
  • Complex fields
  • Large fields

The offering is delivered as a turnkey solution based on a combination of GE and Paradigm software and services, including GE FieldVantage™ for Production Monitoring, Paradigm  SKUA-GOCAD™ for Reservoir Modeling and a full range of geotechnical and engineering services.


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