March 19 Webcast of 2015 Virtual Lecture Series Features Seismic Focused Sweet Spot Characterization in a Shale Resource Play – An Eagle Ford Example

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The second installment of the 2015 Paradigm Virtual Lecture Series, available starting March 19th, will feature the presentation, “Seismic Focused Sweet Spot Characterization in a Shale Resource Play – An Eagle Ford Example”. The presentation, featuring Paradigm® SeisEarth®, seismic data attributes and multi-azimuth inversion, will be presented by Subject Matter Expert Adam Marsden.


To ensure a successful well in a shale play, drilling must be done at the target which is favorable in fluid content, in-situ stress and rock properties. Seismic data provides valuable information for different stages of shale play exploration and production. Transforming the seismic data into the much needed reservoir quality information requires the support of a number of technologies and workflows. This presentation showcases Paradigm Quantitative Seismic Interpretation technologies applied to an Eagle Ford shale formation to identify “sweet spots” which are characterized by the presence of TOC (Total Organic Carbon), shale brittle/ductile quality and in-situ stress.

Stay tuned for additional presentations focusing on key issues in the exploration and production of oil and gas.

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