Advanced Workflows Highlighted at Mexico National Geological Convention

Posted by Samhita Shah on Dec 9, 2014 5:40:00 PM RSS Share Post

A recap of the Paradigm activities at the 2014 National Geological Convention in Mexico

Paradigm highlighted new innovations and how to improve workflows to save time without sacrificing accuracy at the National Convention 2014 Geological held in Mexico City, Mexico, November 10-12. The convention is organized every two years by the Mexican Geological Society. This year’s theme, “Global Geoscience, the Foundation for Economic Development," focused on the application of geosciences in the mining and oil & gas industries, with an emphasis on issues and challenges faced by these industries under the new business environment in Mexico.

Paradigm Mexico Team

The Paradigm Mexico team demonstrated Paradigm Workflows which enable geoscientists to achieve more accurate, better and faster results, based on the functions that the typical geologist for Pemex must manage on a daily basis.  Technical presentations about new workflows, services and advanced science, were organized into the following topics:

  • Geological and geophysical interpretation

  • Correlation of geological events

  • Facies vs. seismic modeling well correlation electrofacies

  • Modeling of fracturing and flow properties

  • Planning, design and monitoring wells

 Presentations included:

“Seismic Interpretation, both Horizons and Saline Bodies” by Adriana Zarate.

Featured Technologies: SeisEarth and SKUA-GOCAD

“The Correlation of Geologic Events, Integrating Seismic Interpretation, Geologic Tops, Structural Data and Well Data” by Cintya Galicia.

Featured Technologies: Geolog, StratEarth

“Modeling of Seismic Facies vs Correlation of Electrofacies Wells” by Alan Garcia

Featured Technologies: Stratimagic, SKUA - GOCAD

“Modeling of Fracturing and Flow Properties, Based on Geomechanical Data Generated from

Nuclei and Supported with Seismic Data” by Israel Valencia

Featured Technology: SKUA - GOCAD 

“Planning, Design and Monitoring of Wells” by Julian Alvarado

Featured Technologies: SKUA - GOCAD, Sysdrill, Geolog



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