Paradigm Virtual Lectures in November

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Paradigm employees make up some of the best minds in the sciences underlying oil and gas exploration and production. Each year we showcase that expert knowledge in a series of on-demand webcasts presented by Paradigm subject matter experts. Each presentation in the series dives deep into key Paradigm solutions and how they can be applied in some of the industry’s toughest asset challenges.

PDM vls Homepage banner rev02The 2014 Virtual Lecture Series has received broad success over the past few months, with many industry professionals returning to the 2013 archive videos and 2012 archive videos as resources. 

Less than 30 minutes in length, the webcasts in the Paradigm Virtual Lecture Series are the perfect length to watch over lunch or during a coffee break in the afternoon. And they provide real value for geoscientists and reservoir engineers alike. Each webcast demonstrates best practices for optimizing workflows in order to reduce cycle time, maximize accuracy and minimize risk.

Registration is a quick, easy process and now available online at:

Upcoming webcasts, available in November, showcase SeisEarth®, Vanguard® and     GeoDepth® Tomography. Full descriptions are below and on the series website.

November 13
Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators Analysis for Every Interpreter

A Direct Hydrocarbon Indicator (DHI) is a seismic measurement that suggests the presence of a hydrocarbon accumulation. Identifying DHI characteristics on poststack data is only one component in analyzing seismic amplitude data – prestack seismic data carries critical information related to rock properties and can influence structural interpretations and lithology predictions. This data is now available to every interpreter by the support of simultaneous display and interpretation of prestack and poststack data in a shared 3D visualization environment. See the value of powerful quantitative seismic interpretation and characterization workflows..
Featured technologies:  SeisEarth®, Vanguard® 

November 27
Improved Velocity Model and Image Quality: Geologically Constrained Tomography and Residual Moveout QC

Tomographic solutions for updating velocity models have become the most advanced data integrators for seismic data, borehole data and geologic data. See how Paradigm integrates the latest in automated interpretation, geology, azimuth and anisotropy for improved velocity, structural and reservoir models, in order to eliminate time-consuming iterations.
Featured technology:  GeoDepth® Tomography

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