Seismic Interpretation to Subsurface Modeling – In High Definition

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Enhancements in the extended Paradigm 14 release to be showcased at SEG 2014 in Denver

High definition television (HDTV) is now commonplace in most homes – and even restaurants, event venues and office environments. With a higher quality display from 720p to 1080i, HDTV provides over five times the resolution of regular TV, so the sharpness of the image is dramatically better.

In much the same way, the high-definition (HD) features improving our TV watching experience are also impacting the seismic interpretation and modeling domain. HD earth modeling enables interpreters to delineate with high fidelity the most relevant geological features of the subsurface. Plus, it facilitates operators’ need to get full value out of modern seismic surveys through the entire geology & geophysics (G&G) workflow. HD capability provides a fast track to re-processing these existing surveys for richer interpretation and modeling.

Paradigm 14: An extended release

Recently, Paradigm announced the extended release of Paradigm 14, which furthers the software suite’s broadband processing, HD imaging and quantitative interpretation capabilities to a focus on the science and technology that enables effective HD subsurface modeling.

With this release, Paradigm is providing users with a return on their HD seismic acquisition through the analysis of data in HD. As a result, they can extract previously undetectable stratigraphic features from seismic data using 3D Paleo-flattening, while constraining the velocity model with geology for more accurate time-to-depth conversion. New HD modeling features also enable interpreters to quantify and reduce uncertainty in production forecasts with models that more closely tie to seismic and geology.

SKUA-GOCAD Enhancements

Some of the most significant enhancements in the Paradigm 14.1 release are in the volume-based Paradigm SKUA-GOCAD modeling suite, including:

  • Enhanced modeling for unconventional plays, such as microseismic data analysis, stimulation path generation, and improved stimulated rock volume assessment

  • Structural uncertainty modeling, allowing geoscientists to assess the impact of fault and horizon positional uncertainty on reservoir volumes, fault seal capacity, and flow simulation results

  • Restructuring of SKUA’s volumetric interpretation capability to speed interpretation and interpretation validation in depositional space, for a full 3D interpretation of all faults and stratigraphic horizons in the entire seismic volume.

  • SKUA-GOCAD workflows that enable rapid modeling while honoring all available data and retaining complexity of the actual subsurface

HD to Mitigate Uncertainty and Risk

MicroseismicPerhaps the greatest benefit to bringing HD to earth modeling is in uncertainty analysis – the only way to mitigate risks. Uncertainty is our lack of knowledge about the subsurface, and it can have a major impact on in-place volume estimates, well placement, production forecasts, facility sizing, reserves and more.

With HD, users can isolate the parameters that most impact the viability of the reservoir to overcome any lack of subsurface uncertainty. New SKUA-GOCAD features quantify the impact of the fault position and structural uncertainty on in-place hydrocarbon estimates and production forecasts. This results in lower-risk reservoir management decisions and more accurate production forecasts with geologic modeling that is closer to reality.

SEG 2014

The Paradigm 14.1 release will be featured at SEG 2014 in Denver, to be held October 26 – 31. Conference attendees are invited to join Paradigm at booth #623 for daily live software demonstrations featuring new capabilities for broadband processing, HD imaging, quantitative interpretation, and advances toward high-definition earth modeling. With the theme of Advanced Science for Everyone, Paradigm will present a comprehensive technical program including:

  • One-on-one demonstrations of diverse workflows and software applications

  • Private presentations of the Paradigm 14 solution suite, available for pre-booking now

  • Daily Lunch & Learn sessions, offered from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m., with Paradigm customers and technical experts

  • A media event on Tuesday, October 28 at 3:00 p.m., highlighting new features and enhancements in the latest version of the comprehensive Paradigm 14 release

  • Technical presentation on ‘Time Preserving Tomography,’ by Paradigm’s Yoav Naveh, Lior Liram, Zvi Koren and Gali Dekel

For more information on Paradigm’s presence at SEG including topics, abstracts and other details, please visit the Paradigm 2014 SEG event page. And for more on the latest advancements in Paradigm 14, please visit the product page


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