Paradigm Embarks on a Latin America Geoscience Tour

Posted by Samhita Shah on Aug 1, 2014 12:05:00 PM RSS Share Post

It is now officially August, and at Paradigm we’re taking advantage of the final month of summer by heading out on a whirlwind trip through Latin America. 


LAGSC 2014 – Mexico City, Mexico

LAGSCOur tour starts the week of August 4th in Mexico at the Latin American Geosciences Student Conference, located at the Torre de Ingeniería, National Autonomous University of Mexico. The event brings together SEG and AAPG student chapters from the University along with the global geoscience community to discuss career development. Students have the chance to network with the most advanced research teams in the region and the world. It’s also a recruitment opportunity for participating companies. According to the student organizers, “Latin America needs geoscientists with the necessary knowledge and skills to explore its plenty of natural resources.” 

Paradigm is pleased to co-sponsor the event’s Latin American SEG Challenge Bowl, an international contest testing students' breadth and depth of knowledge about the field of geoscience. The quiz show format features intense competition as the contestants attempt to buzz in first with the answers to challenging geoscience questions. All geoscience students are encouraged to participate in this unique event which combines knowledge, competition, and fun. Learn more about our role at LAGSC 2014:

Foro Tecnológico de Paradigm - Bolivia

Next in our travels is a trek south to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia where we will host the Paradigm Technology Forum. With the theme “Advanced Science for Everyone”, the Aug. 13 event will showcase the latest technological innovations from Paradigm, including solutions and best practices for:

  • Seismic interpretation and characterization
  • Integrated uncertainty analysis
  • Advanced petrophysical analysis
  • Decomposition, seismic image generation and seismic data characterization with Paradigm EarthStudy 360

Pablo Mikulic, Paradigm country manager for Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia, will open the Forum and share how Paradigm is supporting customers to make its solutions broadly available to all users from the specialist to the generalist. The Paradigm regional team will then present on multiple ways to optimize daily workflows, reduce project cycle time, achieve more accurate results and increase confidence in E&P decisions.

Fórum de Tecnologia de Paradigm – Brazil

The Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil plays host to the next Technology Forum. Paradigm Country Manager Dayse Netto will provide a look at Paradigm’s work and success in Brazil, while Bruno de Ribet, technology global director, shares Paradigm’s new strategic vision for Advanced Science for Everyone. Technical presentations will showcase solutions and best practices for:

  • Seismic data contribution
  • Full-azimuth illumination to understand subsalt uncertainty
  • Broadband processing and diffraction imaging
  • Understanding and mapping reservoir heterogeneities
  • Integrated uncertainty analysis
  • Electrofacies prediction
  • 3D visualization in Paradigm Geolog

Desayuno Técnico – Argentina

From Brazil, we head south to Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina, where we’ll host a Technical Breakfast for Paradigm customers and other industry professionals. Paradigm’s Marcela de Feilhaber will present on technology to understand geometry rock volume using microseismic data. 

One of the main challenges in unconventional prespects today is estimating the size and shape of rock volume affected by hydraulic fracturing. Very often this is the key to understanding and evaluating the production of horizontal wells and optimizing field production. Microseismic events provide valuable information for estimating the propagation of hydraulic fracturing and quantify rock-affected volumes. Through SKUA, Paradigm offers a wide range of options for viewing, analyzing and interpreting microseismic data to quantify the volume of rock affected.

Buenos Aires

So, why a trek through Latin America? Paradigm has a broad global footprint with local presence in 31 cities, representing all of the major energy centers on the globe. Our support offices south of Houston include Villahermosa, Mexico; Caracas, Venezuela; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Latin American oil and gas industry is slated for continued growth and increased global importance in coming years. Already one of the world-leading oil and gas producers, recent activity in Central and South American highlights the region’s potential. Paradigm has a long-presence in Latin America and supports the region’s operations in complex environments, such as compact rock deposits, shale oil and gas reserves, and deep water deposits.

Our recent growth in Latin America includes expanded customer relationships with COMESA, Petrogal Brasil, and Repsol Sinopec Brasil, responding to their own rapid growth in exploration and production operations. These oil and gas companies are recognizing the value of Paradigm solutions to reduce uncertainty and improve reliability through better seismic data analysis, interpretation and modeling of the subsurface.

We hope to see you throughout our travels this month in Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina!


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