Innovation Is the Key

Posted by Samhita Shah on Mar 28, 2014 2:32:00 PM RSS Share Post

The Annual Convention and Exhibition of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), is a platform where companies can showcase the latest in geoscience innovation, to tackle the industry’s greatest asset challenges.

Today, exploration and production (E&P) success depends on a combination of innovative technologies, a deep understanding of the geologic model and the efficient integration of data, disciplines and workflows. It also requires broad integration between different disciplines. An efficient workflow spans and integrates petrophysics, geophysics, geology and engineering in a seamless fashion.

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At Paradigm, we operate in a culture of ongoing innovation and close collaboration with leading energy companies. As a result, we can offer a mature and versatile geological software suite that is designed to handle any project – from a simple, small-scale survey to a large, multi-disciplinary study involving challenging geological scenarios and multi-user collaboration. Our geophysical solutions combine high science, product integration and interconnectivity in a common user interface.

Geologists will get a first look at the advanced capabilities of Paradigm solutions at the AAPG
Annual Convention & Exhibition, April 6 – 9 in Houston. With the theme ‘Advanced Science for Everyone’ as a backdrop, Paradigm will feature live product demonstrations at its booth
(#1612) in four key areas:

Unconventional Assets. Success in unconventional exploration – whether shale, heavy oil and tar sands, thermal depolymerization, coal and gas conversion, etc. – depends on efficient and economic hydrocarbon extraction.

Paradigm AAPG presentations highlight technologies and workflows for:
• Quantitative seismic interpretation for unconventional plays with an Eagle Ford Shale play example
• Understanding stimulated rock volume geometry using microseismic data
• Interactive well planning & geosteering for sweet spot optimization

Geology & Geophysical Interpretation. Geologists no longer need to use their imagination to visualize the three-dimensional picture based on 2D maps and cross-sections. With Paradigm geological interpretation solutions, any geologist can go beyond traditional tasks and easily perform advanced workflows as part of a robust 3D geological interpretation solution, extending naturally into the modeling domain.

Paradigm AAPG presentations highlight technologies and workflows for:
• Improving 3D reservoir characterization, development planning and well planning
• Updating a velocity model in anisotropic media for precise well placement
• Developing a 3D stratigraphic model from traditional seismic interpretation

Formation Evaluation, Facies Determination. Facies and their distribution define the internal architecture of the reservoir. Consequently, facies characterization from digital data and emplacement within a geologic model must be handled with precision. Further, accurate formation evaluation of reservoirs directly affects corporate valuation and stock price. Imprecision is expensive.

Paradigm AAPG presentations highlight technologies and workflows for:
• Delineating facies heterogeneities and predicting lithology distributions
• Increasing confidence in your reservoir facies models, bringing your geological concepts to life
• Determining the impact of dependencies when assessing petrophysical uncertainty for resource estimates

Geologic Modeling in Fractured and Structurally Deformed Regimes. Maximizing recovery in fractured reservoirs is much more complex than in conventional ones. Whether the fractures are naturally occurring or induced, this process requires a deeper understanding of fracture network connectivity and the interaction between the matrix and fracture networks.

Paradigm AAPG presentations highlight technologies and workflows for:
• Implementing advanced fracture interpretation and characterization
• Integrated uncertainty analysis for the impact of fault position uncertainty on reservoir assessment

At AAPG 2014, Samuel Di-Dio-Balsamo of Paradigm Mexico will co-present a a technical presentation with PEMEX , “Methodology to integrate multiscale fracture analyses in fractured systems modeling using an example from reservoirs in Southeastern Mexico”.

AAPG attendees can attend daily live software demonstrations, starting at 9:00 AM, at Paradigm booth #1612. One-on-one demonstrations by technical experts featuring the company’s latest technology offerings and their potential applications are available upon request.  Attendees are invited to attend two Lunch and Learn sessions, to be held at the booth on Monday and Tuesday. This rich technical program blends services, cutting-edge technologies and new workflows that ensure advanced science for all users – from the specialist to the generalist – in both conventional and unconventional plays.

More information, including a technical presentation agenda and descriptions, is available on Paradigm’s AAPG 2014 event webpage.